Teaching Activities

Here is a presentation of Etienne's teaching activities:

Responsibility of the Master CASI

Since 2013, Etienne is responsible of the Master CASI: Conception et Architecture des Systèmes Informatiques. The presentation given to the students of this master in order to present their course is available here.

EMF Lecture (PACT)

This course presents EMF and its usage in the context of projects of group of students (bachelor level). It contains an EMF tutorial, and gives some guidelines about "how to use EMF in these projects". Finally, this course is an extension of a Java course, and it should help to start using the rich architectural capabilities of this language.

Lecture Notes (English)

Models and Verification

This course presents the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and propose a simple methodology to carry out a model driven engineering process. This methodology is applied by students on a micro-project, different for each session of the course. Past projects include: medical pacemaker, postal information system, velib information system, medical information system, etc...

Architecture Analysis and Design Language

This course introduces presents the Architecture Analysis and Design Language. The language is used in a lab to experiment analysis and code generation techniques from the AADL. In paticular, schedulability analysis is performed using the Cheddar toolsuite, and Ada code is produced by the Ocarina toolsuite. AADL usage is also illustrated in a tutorial, in which we model a simplified version of a PACEMAKER.

Lecture Notes, latest version (
French only)
Lecture Notes, previous version (French, English)
Lab instructions (English only)
Tutorial instructions (French only)

Operating Systems and C Language

This course is an introduction to the C language, and to the operating systems principles. After a rapid presentation of the C language, including pointers arithmetic and memory management, this course introduces the main services of an operating system: file system, scheduling, synchronization, input/output management, and memory management.


This lecture presents the basis of RT-POSIX, and elements of its API. It is concluded with an example of implementation of periodic tasks using RT-POSIX.

Lecture Notes (French)
Lab instructions (French)
Example of test for the examination (French)

Embedded System Engineering

This course proposes to teams of 4 to 6 master students to implement an embedded system or a tool that helps the design of embedded system. Recently, projects of this course were focused on the implementation of services or use-case on Lego Mindstorm robots, above the trampoline operating system (implementation of the OSEK-VDX standard).

Group Development Projects

This course proposes to teams of 4 to 6 master students to implement products or tools commanded by a client that is interested in reusing the results of the developement. This course focuses both on the implementation of a software product, and on the methodology. Systematic reviews are organized to monitor the realization of the students.

Project instructions (French only)